What Qualities Does a Good Janitor Possess?

Commercial facilities often require cleaning services that keep their space hygienic and clean. This can be done very well by cleaning services that have good janitors. By opting for good janitorial services st. paul, you will also be able to interact with some efficient janitors.

Here’s what makes for a good janitor.

of a Good Janitor

Here are a few qualities that a good cleaning service’s janitors possess.

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Possess Integrity

Honesty and integrity are some of the important qualities of a good janitor. When you invite a janitor to your commercial space, they should be honest about any valuable items found or anything that is out of place.

Janitors often tend to notice little nooks and corners of the office that are not under direct view. This keeps them privy to some important spaces in your company. They may know of places where documents and other important items are stored.

You want to ensure that your janitorial service is accountable for the janitors who you work with.

Instantly Spot Dirt

An important part of a janitor’s job is to spot dirt. They should be able to conduct cleaning processes like deep cleaning that can get rid of the dirt that is not visible to an untrained cleaning professional’s eye. This ensures that your commercial space remains clean and hygienic.

Putting Themselves in Their
Client’s Shoes

A janitor needs to be able to think like the client. Clients occupy different positions than those that janitors do. For instance, many commercial employees sit in chairs. The dirt visible to them may be different than that available to someone walking through the office.

By being able to put themselves in their client’s shoes, they will be able to clean more efficiently.


A good janitor is indispensable to a clean environment in any commercial space. Opting for janitorial services that have good employees will make cleaning a pleasant experience for your space.

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